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Encounters in the Wild:
Painting the Critters and People of the Southwest.

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Artist statementans taylor artist oil painting

‘Delight is incomplete till it is expressed’ C.S. Lewis

I’m a figurative oil painter from Europe living in Arizona. Pursuing my skills in human and animal portraits in my recent home have led me to a new presentation of my ‘Encounters in the Wild’: I love to combine contemporary portraits with the critters and cacti of Arizona in a whimsical way, taking the encounters to a slightly surreal level. The formidable landscapes of the Southwest provide an invigorating setting for my explorations.

My ‘Cactus Queens’ give me the opportunity to integrate the amazing aspects of our surroundings with the fascination of the human personality.

I have always been intrigued by capturing the human face, character, pose, and interaction between people, or people and animals. Since my new home in the central Arizona mountains invites me to immerse myself in our breathtaking nature, I am inspired to stage my paintings in a southwest setting.

I aim to share my wonder and joy in creation together with all its local inhabitants in their complexity, beauty and quirkiness.

Current work

I am currently working at completing my ‘Cactus Queens’ show, which will inhabit the spotlight room at the Mountain Artist Guild Prescott for the month of October. The Cactus Queen series is comprised of ca 15 paintings depicting contemporary portraits of my desert divas and Arizona wildlife in a Southwest landscape setting. Designing a Cactus Queen usually requires a shooting with a local model I chose, and the combination of photo references and plein air sketches I collected on my hikes and trips to surrounding landmarks like the Sonoran desert, the Sedona red rocks, etc.
The paintings range between 70 to 6 inches in length.

To my great delight, my art also got juried into the Arizona Fine Art Expo (January through March in Scottsdale), and I’m preparing my concept to take my Cactus Queen Show with new exhibits down to Phoenix in winter!


1996 graduate Fine Art FOS Würzburg, Germany.

1998-2008 media designer and illustrator Frontsight GbR / A&W Group, freelance design (Gießen and Heidelberg, Germany). Regular publications in various magazines, published two comic magazines.

2008-2018: Tattoo artist in Heidelberg/Germany, Kansas City/MO, Seattle/WA, Tokyo/Japan and Prescott/Arizona. Shows in FRA/Germany, Seattle, Singapore, Bangkok, Thailand.

Fine Art Exhibitions:
2020- Arizona Fine Art Expo, Scottsdale, Phoenix January 11- March 22
2019 – Oct 1-30, Spotlight Room solo show “Cactus Queens” October 1-30, MAG gallery Prescott
2019 – Artist Studio Tour Prescott, Oct 2-4 Prescott MAG
2019 – GPEC Phoenix ‘Arizona on Display’ show Febuary-March
2019 – April: Featured Artist at “Random Art’ Prescott
2019 – June 15: 1st Congr Church Prc Festival of the Arts
2019 – March-July Show participation at MAG
2018 – Artist Studio Tour Prescott, October 4-7, MAG
2018 – ‘Wild Wild West’, Mountain Artist Guild Prescott
2017 – ‘Fall for the Arts’, juried Show Prescott Valley Artist Guild
2017 – ‘America the beautiful’ Show Mountain Artist Guild Prescott
2017- Yavapai County Fair Art Show
2017 – ‘Naturally Wild’ Show Mountain Artist Guild Prescott
2017 -‘Holiday Show’ Mountain Artist Guild Prescott


2019 -June/July Third Place for ‘Rain Dance’ Prescott MAG Gallery
2019 – May/June Best of Show for ‘Rahab’ Prescott MAG Gallery
2019 – March/April Best of Show for ‘Impulse’ Prescott MAG Gallery
2017 – Best Of Show, Fall For the Arts, Prescott Valley Art Guild

Member of the following organizations:
Oil Painters Of America
American Women Artists
Arizona Plein Air Painters
Mountain Artist Guild Prescott


Ans was born and raised in pretty Bavaria, Germany. She worked as an illustrator and media designer, layouting and drawing comics. She exhibited her art and two comic collections at conventions throughout the country.
Later she decided to transfer her designs to skin. She apprenticed as tattoo artist in a renowned shop in Heidelberg. In this quaint old town she also met her husband, an US Army officer stationed in Germany. They got married in Indiana and moved with the military from Germany to Missouri, then to Seattle. In Washington Ans fell in love with the mountains and the untouched wilderness.
Their next stop took them to Tokyo, Japan, where Ans spent 2 1/2 years working in a Japanese studio and exploring the culture. Ans had a chance to organize cultural events with a Japanese friend and film maker and the legendary artist Horiyoshi III, summited Mount Fuji and learned martial arts.
Also, very unexpectedly, she found herself called to be a Christian. Her faith brought a new focus point to her love and appreciation for both nature and fellow human beings, and with that, to her art.
They came back to the US and settled in Prescott, Arizona. In this beautiful and laid back small town Ans now enjoys pouring her time and energy into canvas and paint.