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Need an instant Art Panel Wall?

Hey everyone, I’ve been busy preparing for the Artist Studio Tour Prescott coming up in October, and I ran across this ingenious recipe that I wanted to share with you. This is for the artists among you, and all the DIY fans. Wall space is notoriously tight at many shows – and in the case […]

Interview on Voyage Phoenix!

Hi friends, the online magazine Voyage Phoenix did an interview with me. Have a look and tell me what you think! They had formerly come across the Cactus Queen painting on my social media, and shared it on their site. I’m very pleased and humbled they took the interest to follow up with an interview […]

Traveling Europe! June 19-July 8

Friends! I’ll be traveling Germany and Austria for the next couple weeks to visit my family and friends 💚 Check in with me on Instagram or Facebook if you enjoy pictures of crooked old houses, vineyards, alpine mountains and the occasional sketch on the road. I’ll share a bunch in my IG stories (aka just […]

Oil paint, blades and sword cutting demos

Oil paint, blades and sword cutting demos: my setup at the Dawson Knives Open House 2018! The Dawson knives Open House Show 2018 was a full success, and I had an exciting time being part of it for the first time! If you have missed the event press-release, read up on it here: Dawson Knives […]

The Daily Grind: Dawson Knives Open House Press Release

Hi everybody, here is the Press Release about my setup at the yearly Open House Show of Dawson Knives – have a read and take a look at their amazing and artfully 100% handmade blades: ‘The Daily Grind’: New local artist depicting 3rd generation Prescott Valley knife craftsmen, celebrating American workmanship in oil. For their […]

Countercultural II

Countercultural II This is part two of ‘Countercultural’, and it goes with this delightful quote I found:  Drinking beer is easy. Trashing your hotel room is easy. But being a Christian, that’s a tough call. That’s real rebellion. Alice Cooper If you’d like to know more about ‘Countercultural’ have a look at this blog post […]

Send Easter greetings by E-card

Happy Easter! Are you celebrating the best news of the year? Share your joy with your loved ones and send this free ‘He is risen’ E-card via email. Just follow the link below, fill in your email (so they know where its coming from) and the email of the recipient, add an optional message, and […]

Passion Prey: flamenco, passion and turmoil

It started rather harmlessly, with me wanting to paint the powerful body language of a Flamenco dancer. I had seen a presentation as a child in Spain, and the passion in her movements made a lasting impression. But while I was still doing research on famous flamenco dancers and watched old black and white flamenco […]

The birds and bees or where does your art come from?

Anytime we admire somebody’s work of art, we wonder how the artwork came into being. There’s the layers of paint and the arrangement and composition of the motive, which by themselves are already fascinating enough. But then there’s also the aspect of why the artist chose the subject, and if the artwork in question has […]