‘Best of Show’ for painting ‘Rahab’!

Great news on Friday at the Mountain Artist Guild: Was totally smitten that ‘Rahab’ won Best Of Show at the Mountain Artist Guild  ‘Heritage’ show. This painting was a special love child to me, as I was inspired by a study by Beth Moore, to feel myself into the chutzpah of this historical lady! She is mentioned in Joshua 2 somewhat fleetingly, but the story behind it would actually make for an enthralling book by itself. The heritage started by her commitment is also a story of some beauty 😍

Thank you MAG! This made my day yesterday! Both original painting (oil on linen) and high quality greeting cards are currently available at the Mountain Artist Gallery on 228 N Alarcon, Prescott (they offer a special price, so swing by). Gliclee ART PRINTS are available HERE! (click for link)

Read more about her below.

The Heritage of Rahab

‘Rahab clung to the red scarf flying in the desert wind in front of her window. Her family was huddled in the small room behind her, scared: They had all heard the deep rumbling of the walls of Jericho crashing down, the screams of the dying, and the fighting outside.

All of them were aware that the scarlet band tied to the wood beam on the outside was the only thing saving them from death…’

When the prostitute Rahab made the decision to hide the Israelite spies and trust in their promise to spare her family, she couldn’t know the heritage that would be founded in her trust.

A woman of former bad career choices, survivor of an annihilated people, she would become wife to the Israelite Salmon. Their son Obed would be known thousands of generations later by the book named after his sweet wife ‘Ruth’. Her grandson would father a king, called David, king of Judah, revered across the nations.

Nor would she have ever dreamed that generations down her grand grand grand…child, Joseph, would be the earthly father of a child called – Jesus.

This all happened to the woman who took heart and stepped out of the rubble of Jericho.

(Joshua 2; Matthew 1:5)