Colibri Casanova: innovative hummingbird sculpture!

It took me a month to figure out a way to make one of my bold and colorful 24×36 hummingbird oil paintings come to life. Since there was no traditional way I would know of how to emulate the dynamic, lose brushstrokes that make up my whirring wings, mixed with the detail of the body as a sculpture, I came up with a new way to do it. I realized this sculpture in various steps over the time of some weeks. This is the result, the very first of its kind! Casanova is mounted on a stand with a 45″ brushed steel tube. I’m very proud of the vibrant addition to my booth and he’s getting a lot of attention. Have a sneak preview (in person is better!! You have two more weeks to visit my Studio 32 at the AZ Fine Art Expo in Scottsdale, last day for the season is March 28!):