Drumroll to the AZ Fine Art Expo visitors and team!

What a year it was for the Expo ’21! A huge THANK YOU to all our visitors and patrons, as well as the hard working staff who made this season a success despite all the challenges.
A warm Welcome if you’re new to my mailing list and gave me your email at the show – I owe my heartfelt thanks to all my supporters who make it possible for me to keep creating my art and explore new techniques. I hope to entertain you with delightful new pieces of art throughout this year, as well as tips for upcoming art shows and opportunities. Please join me on my journey into new exploits of shape and color :) (But of course you can unsubscribe any time at the bottom of this email).
If you have missed the Expo, let me recount just a few of the highlights.

I have never had such an exciting and fruitful art show. My passion for layers and colors led to some new approaches – and some of you were even part of this process. You can see more of Helos:Carrera, my first painting mounted in separate layers on my instagram TV here.

Both master sculptor/ copper artist Ken Borchardt and I were staggered at the response to our new collaboration. It was such a pleasure as well as an exciting challenge to add my hummingbird art to his breathtaking copper pieces! If  you haven’t seen the depth of colors that Ken magics out of his copper sheets, you have to check out this fabulous video featuring a few pieces of our collaboration, as well as his website.

My new silk scarves were a success, surely thanks to the unique performance of my cowboy models TJ and Craig  – watch the short clip 🤣 (I do have some left for Mother’s Day orders!).

Finally, one of the big highlights of the show was the birth of my first hummingbird sculpture, ‘Colibri Casanova‘! After pondering the possibility of translating the bold brush strokes and colors of my hummingbird paintings into an actual 3D sculpture for a month, I ventured out into a new territory! I combined materials and techniques and created this colorful and unique statue of a 22x25x25″ hummingbird on a 5’ brushed steel/marble stand. Whew! How exhilarating to realize a new vision, and to receive all your delightful feedback in my Expo Studio. My ‘Casanova’ hogged all the attention, until he flew off to his beautiful forever home. Watch this video to meet my newest love child Casanova!

There were too many beautiful encounters and inspiring experiences to mention in this year’s Expo. I am grateful and humbled to be part of the Expo artist family, and to know such wonderful people who support my pursuit of the art. Thank you for visiting and experiencing this unique art 70 day art show, or for taking the time for catching up and watching the highlights here :) I will see you next year January 14 through March 27, same place :)
You can catch me at a couple venues coming up this year, eg the Phippen Museum Western Art Show on the Prescott town square on Memorial Day weekend (May 29th, 30th & 31st, 2021). More details coming soon!