Enjoy a warm Copper Glow in the cold season!

oil paintings on copper Could you use a bit of a warm glow around you in this particularly cold winter? Then I have great news for you: Enjoy the brand new, shiny Copper State series in my gallery (and shop) now!

I am pretty excited about these new paintings, as they combine two beautiful media: luscious oil paints on a shiny copper surface. What could fit better to the “copper state’ of Arizona than Arizona motives on the historic substrate? Copper had been used as a smooth and archival substrate by the artists of the Renaissance. It lends a warm, unique glow to the painting, and allows amazing effects, either by applying semi transparent layers of paint in some spots, or by letting the bare copper shine through in others.

Exploring the medium and painting in oil on copper is quite an interesting experience for the artist, I believe: I loved working on a surface with an extremely fine texture for a change (the copper sheets had been previously prepared to hold the paint). I am quite happy to be able to offer this little special for my Arizona Copper State series, and I’m currently working on the sixth painting.
Needless to say, these motives cannot be reproduced in print.
The originals are varnished on all sides for archival quality, and displayed in a 3” contemporary black satin frame.
They are available in my gallery here: Copper State Series.

And by the way,  still looking for Christmas gifts? 10 pieces of original art are on SALE (and more to follow), new items in the general gallery.