Hello new horizons! 😃

Do you remember any year being welcomed with as much enthusiasm as 2021? How did you do, did you celebrate with flying champagne corks and a celebratory hanging of the new wall calendar? Let’s all agree that there’s room for improvement in certain fields and that the turn of a new year certainly is a wonderful time for retrospection (if we didn’t have too much of that already), and a source of inspiration to give our best, fresh and new…

Did you courageously set your goals for 2021, despite to what 2020 might have done to your 2019 goals? They say, writing down what you want to achieve will increase the likelihood of your achieving it incredibly. So, let me know, is there a list? 
I wrote two pages of my humble, more ambitious, and downright amok objectives in my rarely used notebook the week before Christmas (I assure you, if some of my family would read some of my goals they would concede that the cheese finally did slide off my cracker… And I assure you, I absolutely plan to accomplish them!). 

The reason I took the opportunity to ponder over my immediate and further away goals some weeks before the calendar announced a new episode in time was: The Arizona Fine Art expo! Since my first participation last year the commitment to show, sell and create art daily for three months is marking my year far more than the celebration of a new calendar year. What a task, and what a privilege to escape all routines and immerse yourself for 70+ days nonstop into an island of art. Imagine to work between 100 artists of all trades – sculptors, potters, painters, fiber artists, wood workers, jewelers… all juried into the big artist family that comprises the Arizona Fine art Expo. On my way to my workplace – my gallery booth which is also my painting studio- I will walk from my little RV past Sonoran desert saguaro cacti and then past all the beautiful art I can take in. Heeding our new extra covid precautions (like checking our temperatures and wearing masks, as well as sanitizing our booths) I can wave my coffee at fellow artists or stop for a little chat and an exchange about what moves us, before my ongoing art projects beckon to my easel. The visitors of our big, spacy tent show share a love for the arts and appreciate the relaxed, uncrowned atmosphere. Since our tent is outdoors, huge, and offers something for every taste over such a long period of time, we not only have a natural tendency to adhere to covid regulations, but also allow for unhurried and in depth encounters with the artists like no other show. 

Did I stir your curiosity? I promise I will report regularly from the Expo life (which is always rich and colorful as well as often hilarious!)

An epic show like this of course demands months and months of preparations! Especially since we all strife to come with brand new, enticing, always more excellent art to display at this significant event. 
I am proud to announce that one week before the set up I am done with the last brush strokes of my inventory, close to done on the framing end 😄 zero percent packed for a three month change of address and thank goodness no visitors are allowed into my home studio right now 😂😂
However, I do have several brand new special pieces of inventory that I’m very eager to share with you! Look out for a new blog post about the Expo preparations, live feeds from the biggest art show of the Southwest, many pictures of what paintings I’m up to and also how to win one of these small gems 😃🙌 

So, this is my start into a new year: closing the final art pieces to be packed, pondering the final panels to frame, and, annoyingly wading knee deep through the taxes that need lined up before I leave for the show. How is your start going, do you have exciting projects lined up? Is your program as opposite as can be? My sister at the other end of the world is juggling her toddler, a new career in health products, and the attempt to salvage their family trip of a life time (which would include my home!! weehaaaw!) that got cancelled and postponed du to the covid. Interesting times!
Have a wonderful beginning of a brave new year with many blessings and don’t forget: Be strong and courageous! 

PS: Here’s the link to a little LIVE video address to all of y’all :)