Hop into 2019

I’m wishing you a safe hop into a promising and successful new year full of inspiration and new impulses!

2018 was quite a year for me: I usually painted 30 hours/week aside from working 4 days in the tattoo shop. I met so many amazing new people in both trades. I found out what ‘plein air painting’ is, had my 1 year of portrait painting in October, and my first show. I can’t tell how excited I am to build on this base in 2019! 

My year will start with 18 days without oils – visiting my family in Germany, the one thing that’s more important than paints (my loved ones all over).  

I hope you have time to spend with yourself and your loved ones ‘between the years’.

Notice: since I’ll be traveling any purchased originals will not be sent out before January 20! Prints will be sent out as normal. Email me if you have a question!

Happy New year!