Just for fun: High Noon at High Tide

If you have a minute to look at the lighter side of art to usher in your weekend, then I’d like to share my whimsical upside down series ‘High Tide’ with you. Here’s the story: 

In my ongoing ‘Cactus Queen’ and ‘Ranch’ series I had been giving the West a whimsical spin, portraying the critters and people of the Southwest from a unique viewpoint, yet in a realistic style. Parallel I was developing my ‘Helos’ series of large format hummingbirds (combining realistic detail, bold brush-strokes and bright colors), which left me a lot of freedom to explore form and color in a more purely aesthetic, contemporary way. 

As I was pondering new paintings, I wanted to find a way to combine bright color schemes with my figurative art. In my mind’s eye I was laying my desired sea foam blues and greens over my motif… and suddenly I could vividly imagine the blues and greens of the ocean washing over the Wild West themes. Bubbles started rising from my portrayed participants and filtered sunlight glittered from the surface above. Once that idea was conceived, it couldn’t be unseen.🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😄

I was amazed at how much the cactus vegetation and rocky sand ground of the Sonoran Desert looks like an underwater landscape! Could there be a better invitation to go and run with the theme? I was tickled by all the implications and options to paint the High Tide at High Noon. So I indulged in a series of three, including floating buffalos, bobcat and bunny bubbling through the seas, … and I have many more ideas waiting that I hope I get to play with. 🤠🐠🐡

So – These paintings are an expression of joy and imagination, of the playful use of colors and themes, and about not taking things too seriously. I think they happen to convey a suitable message for the times. 😄 I certainly was off my socks to receive such a very positive and accepting feedback when I first displayed all three paintings at the Phippen Western Art show. Thanks y’all! :) 

I hope it brings a smile to your face!

Original paintings: ‘High Noon at High Tide’ oil on 20×60 deep edge canvas.

‘Chasing Bubbles’ oil and deep gloss cover on 24×36 cradled wood panel

‘Floating The Plains’ oil on 18×24 deep edge canvas