Meet ‘Living Water’

Living Water, Oil on panel, 36×72” (3×6 foot)
Available at the  Arizona Fine Art Expo

My 6-foot centerpiece for this year’s Expo is called ‘Living Water’, and it has a very personal meaning to me. I hope you enjoy my thoughts on it, and get something out of it even if you look at life from a different angle:

Water is a topic in the desert- both the lack of it and the destructive force of a monsoon downpour with dangerous spring floods. Water is an absolute basic necessity to preserve our bodies as well as a refreshing oasis for our spirit.

“Living Water’ is about attaining life-sustaining energy and joy that bubbles up from your inner being. Even if outer circumstances may look like the desert, taking hold of this well means that you don’t have to rely on seasons and wait for monsoon clouds on the horizon. This clear spring will accompany and sustain you. Since ‘out of the heart are the issues of life’ –  if you’re filled with Living Water, this will be what you’ll overflow with to share and dispense.

‘Your body was made to live on water. Your soul was made to live on God.

This is the most important thing to know about yourself. You were made to live on God. You have a soul, a spirit. There is a you that is more than a body. And that you, if it does not drink from the greatness and wisdom and power and goodness and justice and holiness and love of God, will die of thirst.’

‘Whoever puts his trust in me, as the Scripture says, rivers of living water will flow from his inmost being!” (John 7:38 CJB)

One more note: 

Back in April, when I started making arrangements for this 6 foot painting, I noticed my model during a covid shutdown Zoom meeting. She is also an artist, and as usual, what caught my eye was that certain something, and the light shining out of her eyes. I knew she would be perfect for my ‘living water’ painting, combining rest and beauty in a woman’s face and the drama of a monsoon sky. Now, as I finally get to mix my paints on my assembled and primed panel months later and in an again changed world, I ponder how much more attention is drawn to skin colors. 

As a Christian, I could not be a racist – even if I ever aspired to. All scriptures deny that possibility by countless examples: There is one race created by Pappa, the human race, and to be his son or daughter is not determined by skin, hair or eye color, but by each person’s heart alone. If anyone claims to be a Christian and harbors racial hate, they did not get the memo what Christianity is all about. 

Also as a Christian, I could never support an organization that not only pledges to dismantle traditional family structures and values, but also encourages violence and lends their name to political riots and killings that will breed more hate and division to that one human race. 

Discord, disunity, or violence – never the means of light and truth. 

All the happier I am to paint the light shining out of the eyes of a sister in Christ, posing and resting in front of a tumultuous monsoon sky. 

This post explains my musings while lunging into my painting, and is not an invitation to a political discussion. If you feel you’d like to share your political views with me, send me a personal message. Thanks for reading :)