Merry Christmas!

Christmas card by and Taylor I wish you a wonderful Christmas time full of light! Do you have a chance to spend the celebration with your loved ones? I hope you have opportunity to recharge your batteries and enjoy your family – or friends that are like it! :)

I truly wish you that between the hustle and bustle you will have a moment to breathe and remember the reason for the season, hug your spouse or kid and resist the urge to throw a Christmas wreath at some speaker blaring ‘xmas beats’. 😜

I always miss my family in Europe most this time of the year – together with our traditional gathering. We are a small, but close-knit bunch, and on Christmas evenings there was always a lot of reminiscing, stories of all the travels we did every year (simple campers!), jokes and laughter! Do you have the same type of family come-togethers?

I’m looking forward to seeing them soon this time around! While I’m traveling Europe in January, no original paintings will be shipped out – please note that you’ll have to wait until January 21 for my originals to be moving again!

Prints are available as usual though.

Enjoy the holidays and shine your light :) See you in an exciting new year!