Mountain town cowboy oil on canvas

Mountain town cowboy, Prescott, Arizona.

Mountain town cowboy oil on canvasIf you have a minute, I’d like to introduce you to my Mountain Town Cowboy:

At the age of 17 he joined the military and left his Midwest home to do his part.
26 years of service later he had served in 9 countries on 3 continents. He had been on tours in 4 war zones.
He had also made friends all over the world, learned about foreign customs and cultures and expanded his horizons. He learned proper two-steppin’ in Texas and martial arts in Japan.
In Germany he had kidnapped a green-haired artist and they explored some states and countries together….before they finally settled down in a small town in the mountains of central Arizona.

Between pine forests and highland desert lies ‘Everybody’s home town’. Local ranchers partaking in ‘the world’s oldest rodeo’ and art collectors visiting from ‘The Valley’ (Phoenix) line-dance at the country saloon. You can chat with a gold panner, a yoga teacher visiting nearby Sedona’s ‘energy vortexes’, or run into a movie star owning a tucked away house in the beautiful surrounding nature.

And on Friday nights, at the Gurley grill, you can meet a traveler who traded the gold leaf on his uniform a house in the pines and the manual craft of blade making… a mountain town cowboy. :)
Oil on canvas in floater frame, 16×20

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