Of Birds and Babes

‘Flight”, ‘Roadrunner’ and ‘Little Brother are three paintings of the Little Bird Series of 5

Since we’re all sitting at home, I would love to tell you a little bit about some of my art.
During my time at the Arizona Fine Art Expo (yes, that huge three month nonstop Art show in Scottsdale, Phoenix) many visitors to my booth commented on my ‘knack to capture characters and expressions’. As most of you know, getting inside a person’s mind and trying to mirror the personality in a face is one of my favorite challenges. I can lose myself in the details of a person’s face! (Much to the chagrin of my husband, who has to put up with me mapping his features during date night…).
Every type of persona and age group has their own appeal.
Now, the specific joy that lies in painting the face of a child is that I get to capture the unfiltered joy and wonder, as the world in its beauty is unfolding before brand new eyes.

Seeing the joy and wonder in a child’s face reminds us in the marvels around us.

Watching the reactions of a child to the everyday encounters around it allows us to re-live the wonders of this world. We tend to forget the enthusiasm a butterfly or a squirrel will evoke in a kid. Did you know that some painters (me included) automatically mirror the expression of the face they’re painting? It’s because you have to empathize what your model feels, to properly put life into a face. Which makes a painter of happy little people a pretty happy painter ;)

Now as I was painting away for three months in my Expo show booth, I also received many remarks about the dynamic little bird paintings that populated an extra pillar (on 4×4 and 6×6 mini canvas squares). The expressive little feathery fellows attracted many. Yet, my visitors wanted a little bit more than a miniature square…. more of me and my ‘people skill’ (and we’re talking about purely painterly skills here, not my potentially dorky aptitude in inter-human encounters :D )

Combining children and birds? Painting the interaction of kids and wildlife? Who could say no to that? And hereby the ‘Little Bird Series’ was born. It features sweet faces and feathered friends, all in an affordable format and bright, joyful colors.

Have you seen the Little Bird Series (available in my Originals or as Prints)? Head over to have a look. (and don’t forget that all prints are still 20% off with the code GROUNDED20 for the month of April). I’d be happy to hear if they brought a smile to your face :)