Off to Germany!

I’m lucky to be able to visit my family in Germany and Austria for the next 17 days! :) Of course my flight out of our tiny airport in the Arizona mountains is scheduled for the day after the most massive snowfall since 2016 (and that means about 10-12 inch in the pines, if you wonder – which accounts for 6 foot on Arizona roads :D).
Presuming I made it out of town, this post will probably find me in the air zooming across the big pond, happily expecting to hug parents and sis soon.
While I’m traveling, the print shop will run as usual. Just notice: any purchased originals will not be sent out before January 20!

Prints are business as usual. Email me if you have a question! :) And follow me on instagram @anstaylorart for a few photos of my original home country.
Stay warm! :)
And see you soon!