Oil paint, blades and sword cutting demos

Ans Taylor live painting demoOil paint, blades and sword cutting demos: my setup at the Dawson Knives Open House 2018!

The Dawson knives Open House Show 2018 was a full success, and I had an exciting time being part of it for the first time! If you have missed the event press-release, read up on it here: Dawson Knives Open House 2018

Being set up with my new Dawson Knives Sword making series andAns mobile Dawson knives event gallery ;) Southwestern art, I was keeping busy with the live-painting demonstration during the event. While working towards finishing the third Dawson canvas I enjoyed the inspiring encounters and chats with event-guests visiting my ‘gallery tent’ (I was extremely pleased with the hospitality of my friends, the Dawson family! What do you think of my tent set up? Let me know!)Awesome Dawson helpers

The ‘tameshigiri’-(sword cutting test) demonstration was a special treat! (Watch the video here: tameshigiri-video)

I wanted to share some impressions with you.

Thank you again to everyone that stopped by to watch and talk and give feedback about my art, or even take it home! It was a pleasure!

The new sword/ knife themed oil paintings will be available on my website soon. And there’s plans for new Arizona art next year!live painting demo