Sonoran Sun to help you stay cozy

sonoran desert sunset oil paintingI’m not sure how your neck of the woods looks like, but on our little central Arizona mountain (5800 feet) the temperatures are sure on the chilly side this Febuary! We still have half an inch of hail from the last winterstorm on our deck. Luckily, the Valley is only a two hour ride downhill, and the desert around Phoenix shows itself from its best side: everything has a fresh green shine to it, and countless bushes are blooming. I am lucky to enjoy an escape south twice this week, visiting art shows and sitting for a friend (more of that later!).
If you’re less lucky in this regard, I offer you a sunny glow on canvas that will hopefully lighten your day! :) This oil painting was started after a visit to the Sonoran Desert near Tucson. We witnessed an amazing sunset, and I had a chance to take countless reference photos. After letting the painting sit for a spell, to come back and finish the last details with fresh eyes, it is now finished. I hope you like it! The original will soon be available in the shop, as well as prints on canvas, metal or paper.
I have some exciting news about new works soon as well! :)

Stay warm!