Cactus Queen: Audience

In my series about my Cactus Queens (read part 1 here if you haven’t seen it yet!) I’d like to introduce you to Cactus Queen: Audience today. The orignal is a 24×26 oil painting on linen panel.

Beautiful Savannah and an unnamed regular visitor to my backyard modeled for this painting.

The original idea to this specific setting dates back a couple years, when the first of my current Cactus Queen series hadn’t been painted yet. I had volunteered to live-paint in a kid’s boutique. I also had just made my first close encounter with javelinas bicycling home in the dark – and setting a new record up that hill after running into them! :D
Those Cactus Queen thoughts were still roaming through my head, and the vision of a Queen holding audience to her following in the midst of her realm was irresistible. It seemed a fitting motif for a demonstration in front of young, open minds.

It turned out to be a success! (There’s nothing like watching kids react to art!!) That demo painting was a slightly hurried acrylic that I loved enough to decide I’d use it as a guideline for a bigger and more refined oil painting. I added the beautiful landscape around Phoenix to my blueprint. I made the model wear my favorite cowboy boots – which were at least a size too big, a miracle she didn’t break a leg…My poor models usually pose in blankets and sheets in my garden in positions that I envisioned. I then put the puzzle pieces together in my head and on my canvas.

It wasn’t hard to obtain a model for her audience. In fact, Javelinas have almost walked into my painting studio before (my studio is accessible only through the garden, adding an extra sense of adventure after dark as we have deer, javelinas, coyotes and potentially bear and mountain lions roaming through our neighborhood. Small town pleasures :)

Folded greeting cards in envelope for your favorite Cactus Queen friend

I hope you enjoy the result – as least as much as the screaming kids loved the first version! The original painting will be displayed in my Cactus Queen Show in the Spotlight Room during October (I’ll be present at 4th Friday and during the Artist Studio Tour Prescott, Oct 4-6. Mountain Artist Guild on 228 N Alarcon).
Prints in all sizes and on various materials are available here and cards on request!