Translucent shimmer meets dynamic detail 😃

Hi everyone, I hope you’re staying safe out there. Now that I’m back from my emergency trip to Germany I’m diving into new artistic exploits (to all of you following me on social media and commenting on my pictures of alpine mountains, paintings created in nooks and crannies while traveling, and of the German pies to keep me powered – a big thank you 😃!) 

I wanted to share with you a brand new technique I’m currently working on. It combines the light shimmer of translucent layers with dynamic and detailed brushwork. Sounds interesting? At least I thought so, and went on to start some experimenting – and here is what came of it! 😃 With oils and some momentum I’m painting my beloved birds as well as (so far) two spirited mustangs between two semi-transparent layers. They’re still not finished (another sanding / layer is needed and I plan to hang them from a small metal chain, complete with spacers to allow for shadowily on the wall behind), but I think you might enjoy seeing the process. Besides, I really wanted to introduce this new series in the making to you.
I think those little gems have both grace and zing, but see for yourself and tell me what you think: 

I plan to have them available at the Fine Art Expo 2021 (January 15th – March 28th, 2021 – and yes, the show is on, since we’re in a big tent outside and social distancing is easy). But I do plan to offer one of those in a private silent auction – to be announced here and on social media. I’ll keep you updated on my mailing list of course!
And as a little heads up for all those on my mailing list: I plan to have another free print giveaway as soon as Facebook sorts out whatever new funny rules they’re currently implementing (everything business seems on a hold – because Covid, because elections, who knows anymore 🤪🤷🏻‍♀️).

See you here soon! 🤗