Vigorously Taking Flight!

‘Proclamation’, oil on deep edge canvas, 30×40″

I would like to share with you the background to my two newest paintings. If you have been following my art, you might notice they’re both something new and something I have loved painting. I had been selling sweet little originals of birds and critters on a 6×6 or 4×4 canvas at shows. People loved the dynamic hummingbirds fluttering across those cubes (in fact, you currently have a chance to win one here!)

But then, one late night working in my booth-studio in an empty at show tent after all the visitors had left, I was unwinding from the day by painting a lively and lose wild swan, just for myself. It was my time to let my brush run over the canvas at will, to lay down bold strokes and forget about staying in style. I loved the vigorous result for what it was. In fact, that wild dark swan is hanging in my studio now :)

And I started pondering, if those energetic mini hummingbird paintings could be translated into large, large formats. I still wanted to stay true to my love of realism. I’ve always leaned towards a more impressionistic interpretation of the things I’m depicting (after all, the personal note and hand of the author is what distinguishes a painting from a photo, at least in my book ;) ).

To yield a result that wouldn’t lose its fresh brush strokes, but at the same time satisfy my wish for detail took some experimenting. Back in my own studio in cover lockdown, I had the perfect opportunity for that! Big bold all prima brush work went in hand with layering and alternated with small details. – How delightful that March had brought the hummingbirds back in force to my feeders, and the first generation of youngsters was already buzzing around my head on the deck :)
The results are two large format works, ‘Proclamation’ (30×40, oil on deep edge canvas) and ‘Audacity’ (24×36, oil on deep edge canvas – already entered into an online show) . Those guys sure make a statement, what do you think?

I hope you enjoy the paintings! If you would like to see them in person, check back about show updates (or contact me about prices). If you think about ordering a print, I’d recommend a larger format to transfer that feeling of boldness and to enjoy the force of the painting (I can imagine those motifs on glossy metal as well as canvas or paper). Good news, in celebration of Mother’s Day you can use the Code Mom25 to get 25% off your print order! :)
Let me know your thoughts – would you like to see the swan in the print shop as well?