Welcome, everyone!

I’m very excited to get this new page exhibiting my art and paintings started – with the help of the indispensable and remarkable Kristine from KTS websites, who is working on setting up and clearing my uploading chaos faster than I can throw questions at her and new images all over the galleries.

While traveling with my husband wherever the military would move us, hopping between three continents for the last 8 years, I hardly had time to sit down for big Art (with a capital A). My day job as a tattoo artist requires sketches and drawings constantly, but many impressions had to wait in a growing pile of scribbles on paper…

Being settled in the midst of inspiring nature in quaint little Prescott, Arizona, I can’t wait to dive into my oil paints and water colors once again. I hope you will enjoy following my progress into experimenting and exploring, paint-slinging and creating.

I would be delighted about your feedback. Write me, contact me on Facebook, follow my instagram (@anstattoos), or come see me in person at Leap Of Faith Tattoo, 506 W Gurley, 86301 Prescott.

Mount Fuji

Study of Mount Fuji during my stay in Tokyo, watercolor on cold press paper